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We mainly sell a series of products such as pasta processing equipment, meat production equipment, thin food machinery, refrigeration and drying equipment, catering kitchen equipment, and water treatment equipment. In addition to standard production lines, we also provide carefully customized exclusive equipment and solutions to meet special process flows and refined production requirements.

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Providing reliable products and services has won a good reputation in the industry.

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With our technical strength and rich experience, we have built a high-quality product lineup.

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Continuously innovate products, optimize marketing and logistics processes, and help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.









What Clients Say

Over the years, we have consistently provided reliable products and services to global customers, earning a good reputation in the industry.

This machine is exactly what we need. The features are numerous and comprehensive. The operation could not be easier or more intuitive. The efficiency gain and output increase have been dramatic while maintaining quality control. The manufacturer's service and support have been first-rate.Safety, environmental and food standards are all satisfied. The value for money is excellent. Innovation and customization are also available when needed. In summary, this equipment delivers a superior performance meeting and exceeding our requirements.We are very satisfied customers.

Grace Schultz

CEO UXI Limited.

The efficiency of these machines is second to none, saving us a lot of time and effort. Their performance surpasses our imagination, drastically increasing output while reducing manpower costs and tedious work.

Willie Gonzales

Accountant UXI Limited.

The equipment is well-designed and fully-functional to meet our production requirements. It is incredibly easy to use and new workers learn to operate it quickly. The efficiency is extraordinary with a significant boost in productivity and capacity while guaranteeing product quality. The after-sales service and parts support have been fantastic.Any issues are resolved promptly. The machine meets food safety and environmental norms which reassures us. The cost-performance ratio is competitive and brings obvious benefits. The Yuanlin Foreign. tailors the machine according to our specific requests.Overall, we are highly satisfied with the product, service and support.

Walter Davidson

CEO AAA Limited.

The machines fully meet our strict requirements, with durable designs and fine craftsmanship. They comply with international food safety standards, leaving us with a deep impression.

Teresa Perkins

Consonant ASA Limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our equipment uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure stable performance and long service life. We have strict quality control standards.

Yes, our equipment complies with the strict hygiene standards and regulations in the food processing industry. We use stainless steel materials and thorough sanitary design to ensure the safety of your food.

We provide 12 months warranty and lifetime maintenance support. We have a quick-response technical team to address issues promptly. Spare parts are always in stock.

We provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. Our team is available to assist you at all times and can quickly respond to any maintenance or repair needs.

Delivery takes 2-4 weeks after down payment. Our engineer will be onsite for installation and commissioning within a week.

Yes, we will provide comprehensive training to your staff on how to operate, clean and maintain the equipment.

Our equipment incorporates energy-saving technology to minimize energy consumption to the fullest extent. This helps reduce production costs and is environmentally friendly.

Yes, we can customize the equipment to match your production process and requirements. We have extensive experience in meeting various customization needs.

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