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Cutting And Stringing Integrated Machine-No.1

Cutting And Stringing Integrated Machine


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> Specifications: cutting, stringing one machine:> Voltage: 220 v> Power: 1.5 KW> Efficiency: 6000 strings per hour> Machine size:4000mm*1100mm*1400mm> Machine material: 304 stainles

Specifications: cutting, stringing one machine:

> Voltage: 220 v

Power: 1.5 KW

Efficiency: 6000 strings per hour

Machine size:4000mm*1100mm*1400mm

Machine material: 304 stainless steel (nationalstandard) food grade plastic

> Machine weight: 460kg

> Power of the whole machine: combination of electricand pneumatic

> Motor: Servo motor

> Leakage protection: Yes

> People needed:1-2 people

>The machine to achieve cutting and string twofunctions;

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