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Vacuum Quantitative Filling Machine-No.1

Vacuum Quantitative Filling Machine


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PERFORMANCE INTRODUCED> The machine is driven by servo motor with high positioning accuracy> Using man-machine interface control, simple and clear operation.> Equipped with vacuum system, to


> The machine is driven by servo motor with high positioning accuracy

> Using man-machine interface control, simple and clear operation.

> Equipped with vacuum system, to ensure that the filling process in the vacuum state.The machine is equipped with man-machine interface, servo motor, PLC controller are imported parts. 

> The machine adopts blade type (also known as scraper type) filing method, automatic quantitativedivision.

> Complete the filling process under the vacuum state, effectively prevent fat oxidation, avoid proteinhydrolysis, reduce the survival of bacteria, effectively ensure the shelf life of the product and productcolor bright, mellow taste.

> The pump body, impeller and blade of this machine adopt special heat treatment process, with highfinish, good wear resistance and easy cleaning. 

> This machine has automatic kink function, suitable for natural casings, protein casings, smoked casingsproducts. The error of normal chyme is not more than t1.5g, and that of normal block products is notmore than 土3g.

> Quantitativerange 5G-9999g,directflow 3500kg/h.

> Smoke film kink speed 280 times/min.

> lt can be connected with all kinds of punch card machines to realize automatic production.


> The machine is made of stainless steel material, easy to clean, in line with health standards.

> The main transmission and control units are all imported components, which improves the runningaccuracy and service life of the equipment, making it safe and reliable.

> All the movements and parameters of the machine are modified on the touch screen in front of themachine. Each picture of the touch screen has Chinese prompts, which is simple and clear, and theoperation is very convenient.

> Filling speed can be stepless speed according to different products, can adapt to all kinds of intestinalfilling production.

> The quantity of filling can be set arbitrarily by the user. The machine is also equipped with quantitativefine-tuning, which can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing at will. The fine-tuning accuracy is can be filled independently, and can realize automatic production when it is connected with thecard punching machine.

> Low rotating speed and large displacement: effectively prevent the material from damaging theorganizational form and mechanism structure due to filling, so that the core parts of the equipment aremore wear-resistant and durable, so that the temperature rise of the filing material import and exporcan be effectively controlled.

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