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Multifunction Pasta Machine-No.1

Multifunction Pasta Machine


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This multi-function pasta machine series is excellent for restaurants and superm

This multi-function pasta machine series is excellent for restaurants and supermarkets requiring high quality and reliability for continuous output. Machines of this series come with 5 pasta dies and as a result, they are capable of producing various kinds of pasta, such as seashell-shaped pasta, tremella shape pasta, pentagon shape pasta, ear-shaped pasta, etc. This machine is applicable to raw materials like flour, rice flour or their mixture. Three models are available for you. We also offer tailored pasta models to the customers’requirements.

Multifunction Pasta Machine(图1)

Die Moulds of Pasta Making Machine

Multifunction Pasta Machine(图2)

Multifunction Pasta Machine Features

  1. Stainless steel construction

  2. Compact structure

  3. Low cost

  4. Energy efficiency

  5. High output

  6. Simple and safe to operate

Any Pasta Machine Is Destined to Succeed

  1. Pasta, the time-tested food, keeps gaining it's increasing popularity worldwide.

  2. Whole wheat pasta is low in calories and contains considerable amounts of minerals including, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium and manganese.

  3.  Minerals are important for the body because they help with the structure of bones, regulate heat beat, maintain muscle, and take part in regulating cell growth. If there is no pasta manufacturer or pasta products in the supermarket around where you live, you’d better seize the initiative to be the pasta manufacturer.

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