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Frozen French Fries Production Line


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Do You Know about Frozen French Fries Production Line?Frozen French fries produc

Do You Know about Frozen French Fries Production Line?

Frozen French fries production lines typically involve the following sequential steps: fresh potato de-stoning and cleaning, potato peeling and inspection, cutting potatoes into strips or slices, blanching the potato strips, drying them, frying the potato chips, de-oiling them, pre-cooling the potato chips, freezing them to produce frozen French fries, packaging the frozen fries, and storing them in cold storage. The production line capacities range from 80 to 800 kg/h. The French fries can be produced in dimensions of either 7.5 x 7.5 mm or 10 x 10 mm.

Frozen French Fries Production Line(图1)

Suggestions for Starting A Frozen French Fries Plant

1.Choose a reasonable location where major raw material(potatoes) is available.

2. Using modern cost-effective equipment will greatly reduce production costs.

3. A qrasp of the technical know-how and marketing experience is necessary.

4.Need for initial high investment.

5. For long-term production, you should build A brand Name.

Frozen French Fries Processing Flowchart

1. Potato de-stoner and cleaning machine

Remove stones and other dregs, sludges. The washed potatoes are clean enough to further process. This machine is composed ofstainless steel hopper and rotary cleaner.

2. Potato cutting machine

Suitable for cuting potatoes whose diameters are less than 80mm. Equipped with double channel non-clog pump and frequencyconversion device, it has high-efficiency cutting rate. The cut section size is 7.5*7.5mm, 10*10mm.

3. Rotary potato strips/slices blanching machine

The stainless steel rotary blanching machine is of advanced design. The blanching temperature and time can be adiusted basedon the processing capacity.

4. Centrifugal dewatering machine

Our potato dewatering machine uses the centrifugal principle to remove the surface water in an eficient way

5. Potato chips frying machine

rrvina time for makina trozen trench tres is very short, dierent from makina notato chins he whole fryina machine is stainessteel. lt controls the oil level automatically, The frying oil should be pure edible oil and the temperature be180°C. The dischargeflue is an advanced set to avoid influencing potato flavor.

6. French fries de-oiling machine

Remove the spare oil and make the fried potato chips more healthy. The vibrating process can speed up the filtering process

7. French fries frozen machine

The feeding temperature is at 25'℃ and the outlet is at -18°C.

8. Frozen french fries packing machine

Automatic packing machine is suitable for packing food on a large scale. We offer versatile types packing machines based oncustomers' demand.

Frozen French Fries Production Line(图2)

Frozen French Fries-A Flavor Loved by the Whole World

For decades, Frozen french fries have enioyed much popularity, People from almost the whole world are enchanted by the uniquflavor. The crispy and golden-brown appearance, flufly and steamy inner fries, even the diversified packings and flavors, whichhave made a whole lot of folks mouth-watering and happy. Then Can you think of a tastier snack?

The Main Market Segment of Frozen French Fries


OSR(Quick service restaurants)

Restaurants and eateries

Bars/ pubs

Flight Caterers / Luxury Trains

Retail sales

Potato Fries International Market

  • Total World trade of potato fries is estimated at 2.5 Million MT.

  • The Netherlands, Canada and the UsA are the maior plavers contributing more than 90% of the frozen french fries trade.

  • The major French fries and frozen food-importing countries are East Asia countries, where the number of the quick-servicerestaurant has expanded significantly.

  • East Asian countries accounted for over 80% of fry exports. Japan accounted highest imports of fry shipments followed by China, Hong Kong, Mexico and Taiwan and the Republic of Korea.

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