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Screw Potato Peeling Washing Machine


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Introduction of Screw Potato Peeling Washing MachineThe screw-type washing and p

Introduction of Screw Potato Peeling Washing Machine

Screw Potato Peeling Washing Machine(图1)

The screw-type washing and peeling machine is equipped with a motor, transmission system, and brush roller. Its primary function is to efficiently clean and peel various round and oval-shaped fruits and vegetables, such as potatoes, yams, carrots, and taro.

Utilizing a brush roller, this machine effectively removes impurities and peels from the produce. A helical blade then moves the peeled potatoes forward to the subsequent processing stage. This spiral potato peeling machine is particularly suitable for large-scale enterprises due to its robust design and high capacity.

Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates into complete processing lines, facilitating continuous operations from washing and peeling to cutting, drying, or packaging.

Main Features of Screw Type Washing Peeling Machine

Screw Potato Peeling Washing Machine(图2)

1. Spiral discharge and spraying device, which has a strong cleaning ability, without damage to materials.

2. lt adopts 9 brush rollers, you can choose the brush or emery material according to the difficulty of peeling the material; thematerial of the brush roller is treated by a special process which is durable.

3. The peeling time can be adjusted.

4. Equipped with a water tray to prevent water from flowing to the ground.

5. Equipped with wheels which is easy to move.

6. Brush roller and spiral discharge are controlled individually.

Application of Screw Feeding Type Potato WashingPeeling Machine

Screw Potato Peeling Washing Machine(图3)

1. lt is suitable for washing root vegetables like ginger, potato, taro, sweet potato, onion, lotus roots, and fruits like apples, pear, etc.

2. Suitable for those kitchens of schools, restaurants, big factories, food processing factories, supermarkets, etc.

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