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Rotary Drum Potato Chips Seasoning Machine


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Introduction of Drum Flavoring MachineThe drum flavoring machine is designed for

Introduction of Drum Flavoring Machine

The drum flavoring machine is designed for mixing and flavoring a variety of foods including puffed snacks, fried foods, potato chips, potato slices, nuts, and crisps. It can create flavors such as salted, sweet, spicy, and various colors. This machine represents the pinnacle of advanced technology in food seasoning and mixing.

Key features include its construction from full stainless steel, ensuring high quality and durability. It operates with electric control and offers adjustable speed, capable of rotating in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions.

Rotary Drum Potato Chips Seasoning Machine(图1)

Application of Rotary Drum Seasoning Machine

This drum-type flavoring machine is suitable for many kinds of products, such as popcorn, potato chips, fried snacks, popcornpop rice, dog food, fish food, cat food, bird food, etc.

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Features of Potato Chips Seasoning Machine

1. Stainless steel material guarantees longer service life and lower noise.

2. Adjustable spray condiment speed so as to save your production cost to the maximum degree3. Sanitary, uniform, and delicious are the best marketing advantages for our products4. High flavoring capacity high productivity and stable performance.

5. Flavor in wide kinds of food, easy to operate and maintenance.

6. The diameter and length of the drum can be customized according to your demands.

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