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Brush Potato Washing Peeling Machine


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Introduction of Potato Brush Peeling MachineThe brush cleaning and peeling machi

Introduction of Potato Brush Peeling Machine

The brush cleaning and peeling machine consists primarily of a motor, gearbox, and a group of brush rollers. It operates on the principle of brush friction and is extensively employed for cleaning and peeling round and oval-shaped fruits and vegetables.

The brush rollers are crafted from durable, soft nylon material, ensuring longevity and effective cleaning performance. Other components are constructed from stainless steel, guaranteeing durability and hygiene. The entire machine is made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring resistance to rust, cleanliness, and hygiene in food processing operations.

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Features of Brush Potato Washing Peeling Machine

1) The whole machine frame is made of 304 stainless steel.

2) Potato peeling machine combined cleaning, washing, and peeling.

3) Large volume, High efficiency, steady work, low waste.

4) Potato peeling machine adopts brush principle peeling rate above 98%.

5) The cleaning process doesn't harm the fruit and vegetables, it could be used in the vegetable cleaning industry.

6) The cleaning performance is good, the dust and farm chemicals could be cleaned thoroughly.

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Application of Brush Type Potato Peeling Machine

1. lt is suitable for root vegetables and fruits, such as potato, sweet potato, radish, carrot, cassava, apple, kiwi fruit, stem, sweetpotato, ginger radish, taro, root-stock materials, Areca Seed, Betel nut, etc.

2. The machine applies to potato chips production factories, vegetable processing plants, fruit processing factories, restaurants.etc.

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