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Fish Cutting Machine IntroductionThe fish cutting machine can slice fish into va

Fish Cutting Machine Introduction

The fish cutting machine can slice fish into various shapes such as fillets, segments, strips, blocks, and more. This fish filleting machine is capable of processing any species of fresh fish, dried fish, and slightly frozen fish. It is essential equipment for fish processing and aquaculture. We also offer fish scaling machines, fish flesh separators, and other options.

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Fish Fillet Machine Characteristics

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel material, easy to clean and hygiene.

2. The fish can be automatically cut into different shapes, like fillet, segment strip, block, etc.

3. The size of the cutted fish is uniform, stability, convenient to eating.

4.Simple to operate, well designed, high efficiency.

5. High quality, large production and reasonable price.

6.The size can be customized by the customers.

7. Frozen fish cuttina machine can be used in food factory for processina crisp fried fish, spiced fish and steamed fish fillets, etc.

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Fish Silcer Machine Working Principle

Fish fileter machine is used the left and right high-speed rotation of the circular blade to cut fish guickly and evenly, broken trash falls from the slice mouth, after one or more times cut into suitable fillets.

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