Meat Smoking Machine-pic
Meat Smoking Machine-pic
Meat Smoking Machine-No.1
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Meat Smoking Machine


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The meat smoking machine is designed for smoking a variety of meats such as saus

The meat smoking machine is designed for smoking a variety of meats such as sausage, fish, and chicken. It is particularly suitable for use in meat processing plants, food factories, and sausage manufacturing facilities. This versatile machine can perform smoking, steaming, boiling, drying, baking, and cleaning operations, making it indispensable for the preparation and processing of meat products.

Fish Smoking Machine Features

  1. Smoking and recycle system makes the smoke spread so equably that the meat have uniform color.

  2. Excellent insulation and sealing performance. Low energy consumption and high efficiency.

  3. Meat smoking machine has function of steaming, frying, boiling and smoking with operate operation.

  4. PLC programme, digital displaying, auto temperature and time adjusted.

Meat Smoking Machine(图1)

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