Stuffed Meatball Machine-pic
Stuffed Meatball Machine-pic
Stuffed Meatball Machine-No.1
Stuffed Meatball Machine-No.2

Stuffed Meatball Machine


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The stuffing meatball machine is designed for forming various types of meat into

The stuffing meatball machine is designed for forming various types of meat into balls with fillings inside. This meatball maker can produce meatballs of any size as per your requirements. It offers numerous advantages including high speed, convenience, and ease of cleaning. By utilizing this machine, you can significantly reduce labor costs and enhance productivity.

Stuffed Meatball Maker Applications

The stuffed meatball machine is suitable for making various kinds of meat bal, such as chicken balls, fish balls, shrimp balls,beef balls, mutton balls, vegetable balls, etc, This automatic meatball machine is widely used in meat processing factory, foodfactories,schools, hotels, dining room and so on.

Stuffed Meatball Machine(图1)

Stuffed Ball Maker Features

  1. lt is made of quality stainless steel and comply with food hygiene standards.

  2. The dimension of the meatball can be adjusted depend on the mould.

  3. Attractive appearance, easy operation and long service life.

  4. High stability, easy to operate, forming round, high output and low damage.

Why Choose Meatball Stuffer?

Our stuffed meatbal machine is specificaly desianed for industria, use, it can produce the meatball in arae auantity. 7000grain per hour above, only one person will operate it, and the rate is as high as 98%, so it gets good reputation among thetood factories, simply get in touch and we willbe able to advise you on the perfect stuffed meatbal maker for your business

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