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Fish Scaler Machine IntroductionThe fish scaler machine is an automatic and sani

Fish Scaler Machine Introduction

The fish scaler machine is an automatic and sanitary method used to remove scales from fish. The entire descaling process employs a soft brush-type rolling mechanism that ensures no damage to the fish. This automatic fish scaling machine can handle fishes of any size and is widely used in restaurants and fish processing plants, among other facilities.

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Automatic Fish Scaling Machine Function & Features

1. Wholy made of stainless steel with brush-type structure; can remove the fish scales cleanly without any damage to the fishbody.

2. The scales can be automatically separated from the fish, and then the de-scaled fish is discharged from the discharging hole3. The fish descaling machine is equipped with the protective devices to avoid motor overheating or leakage.

4. Large working capacity of 1000 kg-4000 kg /hour.

5. No limit of the size of fish.

6. Widely used in fish market, large restaurants, and fish processing plants.

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Fish Descaling Machine Installation & Adjustment

1. There are 4 land wheels on the bottom of fish scale cleaning machine. Two are steering wheels for steering control the directionof moving machine. The other two move at fixed direction. The steering wheels can break the machine, so they should be inBraking State when the fish scale remover machine has been placed.2. After placing the fish descaling machine, the feed-water pipe should be connected, and switch on the three-phase powersources of 380V/ 50Hz.

3. The rotation direction of rollers: See from the left (at the discharging hole), the brush roller should turn at anti-clockwisedirection.

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