Meat Shredder Machine-pic
Meat Shredder Machine-pic
Meat Shredder Machine-No.1
Meat Shredder Machine-No.2

Meat Shredder Machine


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The meat shredder machine is designed to efficiently cut various meats into stri

The meat shredder machine is designed to efficiently cut various meats into strips, slices, pieces, and cubes. It allows for easy adjustment of cutting sizes and shapes by simply changing the cutters. With its high cutting speed and precise results, this machine is highly favored in barbecue shops, restaurants, hotels, school canteens, and other meat processing industries. It offers a reliable solution for preparing meat to meet diverse culinary needs.

Commerical Meat Shredder Features

  1. This machine can cut meat into different shapes, sizes and thickness.

  2. Equipped with moving wheels.

  3. Equipped with safety protection switch which can avoid any danger4. Stainless steel blade, sanitary and durable.

Meat Shredder Machine(图1)

Attention To Use Meat Strip Cutter Properly

  1. Make sure that your power supply is equipped with a leakage protector.

  2. Check whether the earth wire is connected well.

  3. Slowly put the meat into the feeding inlet after being deboned.

  4. Properly change the cutter: cut off the power; open the shield, remove the nuts and hold down the spring; pull the cutter with your hands holding the snob of the cutters tightly.

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