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Compound Potato Chips Baking Line-No.1

Compound Potato Chips Baking Line


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Automatic Baked Potato Chips Production lineIntroductionRaw material: potato pow

Automatic Baked Potato Chips Production lineIntroduction

Raw material: potato powder

Final products: baked potato chips

The baked potato chips production line builds upon the traditional oil-fried compound potato chips processing plant. Known for its high automation, user-friendly operation, and seamless operation, this processing line is designed for industrial production of non-fried potato chips. The primary processing steps include sheeting, baking, and flavoring. Instead of traditional frying methods, the potato chips are baked in a tunnel baking oven and then seasoned. Various flavors such as tomato, seaweed, and spicy can be achieved by applying different flavored powders during production. Baked potato chips are not only healthy but also enjoy widespread popularity worldwide.

Compound Potato Chips Baking Line(图1)

Baked Potato Chips Processing Steps

raw material liftingmixingconstant conveyorspreadingcontinuous rollersheetingformingbakingoilsprayingseasoningcoolingsortingpacking

Compound Potato Chips Baking Line(图2)

Main Equipment of Baked Chips Processing Line

The main baked potato chips processing machines are potato powder mixing machines, sheeting machines, potato chips formingmachines, residual material recycing machines, oil spraying machines, tunnel chips baking ovens, cooling conveying systems,season spraying machines, and packing machines.

Compound Potato Chips Baking Line(图3)

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