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Brine Injector


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The brine injector is specifically crafted to inject brine and other seasonings

The brine injector is specifically crafted to inject brine and other seasonings into beef, pork, chicken, or fish, enhancing flavor and tenderizing the meat. This machine automates the entire process of conveying meat and injecting saline solution. It's crucial to clean your meat injector machine thoroughly after each use to maintain hygiene standards and ensure optimal performance.

Multi Needle Meat Injector Features

  1. Using compressed air, more convenient and efficient to clean the needles.

  2. The speed can be regulated at variable frequency.

  3. The pickle injector can inject under the bone tissue.

  4. Stainless steel brine tank.

  5. Easy-to-read and simple-to-operate control panel.

  6. Removable injection heads/needles.

  7. Equipped with automatic protection device for protecting the injection needle from being damaged by hard object.

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Poultry Injector Business Tips

Using brine injector is a quick and clean way to add flavor or moisture into the deep tissue of meat, injection is widely used in

commercial products from bacon to hams in many deli.

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