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Poultry Feather Removal Machine


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Poultry Feather Removal Machine IntroductionThe poultry removal machine can efec

Poultry Feather Removal Machine Introduction

The poultry removal machine can efectively pluck of the feathers of chicken, ducks, gooses, pigeons, qualils and other poultry or birds while do notbruise the skin ofthe poultry. Besides, this machine is able to peel the skin of potatoes, ginger,and other related vegetables. t is extremely time-saving and labor-saving, and the plucking speed is faster than that of 10 persons within the same time.

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How to Use Amisy Poultry Feather Removal Machine?

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1. Scale the chicken to loosen its feathers in hot water about 70-80 degrees before you put it into the plucker.

2. Turn on the plucker, and let the chicken go round and round until all the feathers are plucked of.

3. Turn of the plucker, take out the chicken and clean the plucker with water.

Chicken Plucking Machines Features

Poultry Feather Removal Machine(图3)

1.Rubber sticks, no damage to the poultry skin.

2. Pluckers with diferent sizes, 1-5 chickens/ min.

3.Time-saving and labor-saving.

4. Simple structure, easy to operate.

Warm Tips

1. lnstall a residual current circuit breaker to the earth wire2. Turn on the switch to check whether the plucker runs well

3. Clean the plucker with water after usage4. Change the rubber sticks if found worn or fractured

5. lf found the dial of the plucker runs slowly, adiust the nut of the machine seat, neither too tight nor too loose.

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