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Gizzard Peeling Machine IntroductionThe gizzard peeling machine is specifically

Gizzard Peeling Machine Introduction

The gizzard peeling machine is specifically designed to efficiently remove the skin from poultry gizzards, including chicken and duck gizzards. It operates by driving a spiral strip through a motor, which rotates to effectively peel off the skin from the gizzard. This process is automated and ensures thorough peeling with minimal manual effort.

This machine is essential equipment for meat processing factories, offering a reliable solution to streamline the peeling process of poultry gizzards. Its efficiency and effectiveness make it an ideal choice for enhancing productivity in meat processing operations, ensuring high-quality outputs for further food preparation.

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Gizzard Peeling Machine Features

  1. Easy to operate, convenient to clean and maintain

  2. Beautiful appearance, excellent performance

  3. Made of stainless steel, no pollution to products, comply with the food safety and hygiene standards

  4. High efficiency, low energy consumption

  5. High yield.

How to Choose Poultry Gizzard?

The fresh gizzards appearance was purple or red, the surface is elastic and shiny, thick texture. The stale gizzards appearance wasblack red, the surface without elasticity and luster, soft and succulent, please don't buy.

How to Store The Poultry Gizzard?

  1. Generally, the fresh poultry gizzards are not suitable for long time storage after you buy, you'd better eat them up in 2 days.

  2. lf you need to store the gizzards for a long time, there are some suggestions you can have a try: first, wash and peel thegizzards cleanly. Second, put them in the pot with water and boil to nealy cooked. Then get them out and use cold water coolerempty the water. The last step is to wrap into a small package with plastic bags, put them in the refrigerator for crvopreservationwhen eating, only put out for the natural thaw.

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