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Fish Speed Cleaning Machine


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Fish Speed Cleaning Machine IntroductionThe fish speed cleaning machine is desig

Fish Speed Cleaning Machine Introduction

The fish speed cleaning machine is designed for efficiently dissecting fish backs, removing guts, and cleaning membranes. It simplifies operations to the extent that only one person is needed to load the fish into the machine in sequence. Once loaded, the machine automates the entire cleaning process effortlessly.

This machine is renowned for its ease of operation, making it an ideal choice for cost and labor savings. In addition to the speed cleaning machine, we also offer a range of other fish processing machines such as fish scaler machines, fish cutting machines, fish deboner machines, and fishball forming machines. These machines collectively enhance productivity and streamline fish processing operations, catering to various needs in the seafood industry.

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Fish Gutting Machine Features

  • Fish speed cleaning machine has a special designed water spraying sytem, which not only cleans the fish, but also helps the fish moving forward during the dissecting process.

  • Speed cleaning machine is controlled by PLc program and optoelectronic real-time system with Hybrid synergy Drive, takes use of vacuum tank to extract the fish internal organs .

  • Fish gutting machine is highly efficient. The capacity reaches 2400 fish per hour when the average weight is 1kg per fish.

  • The nobbing machine can smoothly dissect the fish's back in the middle.

  • The vacuum tank can extract 609% internal oraans, and the remainina organs and membrane will be cleaned by brush wheel. Aflast, the 99% internal organs can be cleaned, And the membrane removal rate can reach about 95%.

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Fish Nobbing Machine Advantages

  • Stainless Steel;

  • Suitable for a variety of fish, widely used;

  • With latest technology and unique design;

  • Machines can be customized according to your requirements;

  • Just needing 1-2 workers to operate, labor-saving, small land occupancy and investment.

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