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Membrane Skinner IntroductionThe membrane skinner is designed to remove the memb

Membrane Skinner Introduction

The membrane skinner is designed to remove the membrane from various meats such as beef, pork, and lamb, ensuring meat quality. The machine features a pneumatic device that keeps the feeding roller clean at all times.

This derinding machine is easy to operate and results in low meat loss. The cutting thickness is easily adjustable, providing flexibility in use. It excels at removing white membrane, making it particularly suitable for beef, pork, veal, chicken, lamb, and horse meat.

For the butchery and meat processing industry, this machine significantly saves time and labor costs. It improves work efficiency while ensuring meat quality and appearance. Both large-scale meat processing plants and small to medium-sized slaughterhouses can benefit from its use.

Using this skinner not only enhances meat quality but also increases product competitiveness in the market. It's an ideal choice for the meat processing industry, capable of meeting the needs of businesses of various scales.

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Meat Derinder Machine Features

1. The unique tooth roller design ensures an efficient and low cost way with little skilled labor.

2. Seamless welding and radius edges of meat skinning machine structure make it easy for cleaning.

3. The whole machine body is made of long lasting stainless steel, durable and sanitary.

4. All major mechanical components of the derinder are accessible through a single access panel for easy maintenance.

Why Need Membrane Skinner ?

  • A membrane skinner can optimize the meat processing yield and increase the profitability by providing healthy lean meat forcustomers.

  • The skinned fresh meat fully meat the fashion concept of " healthy eating" , fulfiling the high expectation of quality-oriented customers.

  • The derinding machine can save trouble for housewives which make the fatty meat simple and fast to prepare.

  • Skinned meat products that are appetizingly presented at the sales counter will not only increase its values but also stimulatesales.

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What is Membrane Skinning?

Membrane is a white substance that is of high fat in beef, veal, pork, etc, Membrane skinning is a process to remove themembrane and all connected sinews from the meat surface. The white fat will dissolve and float in the water and need hours tocook, getting rid of them is a troublesome things. So many consumers today tend to buy meat with membrane removed already.That is why meat processing industry need membrane skinner for bulky meat processing.

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