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Yuanlin Trading's water treatment system is constructed of polished 304 stainless steel with imported PPR piping. Variable frequency drives by ABB provide steady, smooth operation. Precision filtration removes impurities and odors, with multi-stage filters ensuring water quality. The coagulation sedimentation system efficiently purifies, automatically discharging sludge periodically. Ozone generators strongly disinfect without residual chlorine. Automated monitoring fully tracks water quality.

Yuanlin Trading focuses on precision matching of each component to improve overall stability. The user-friendly interface provides easy control. Fully automated treatment enables real-time monitoring, purification and disinfection for intelligent water management. Yuanlin Trading not only provides quality equipment, but also free installation, commissioning and after-sales maintenance to ensure long-term steady performance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our equipment uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure stable performance and long service life. We have strict quality control standards.

Yes, our equipment complies with the strict hygiene standards and regulations in the food processing industry. We use stainless steel materials and thorough sanitary design to ensure the safety of your food.

We provide 12 months warranty and lifetime maintenance support. We have a quick-response technical team to address issues promptly. Spare parts are always in stock.

We provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. Our team is available to assist you at all times and can quickly respond to any maintenance or repair needs.

Delivery takes 2-4 weeks after down payment. Our engineer will be onsite for installation and commissioning within a week.

Yes, we will provide comprehensive training to your staff on how to operate, clean and maintain the equipment.

Our equipment incorporates energy-saving technology to minimize energy consumption to the fullest extent. This helps reduce production costs and is environmentally friendly.

Yes, we can customize the equipment to match your production process and requirements. We have extensive experience in meeting various customization needs.

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