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Automatic Banana Chips Production Line


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Introduction of Fully Automatic Banana Chips LineOur automated production line e

Introduction of Fully Automatic Banana Chips Line

Our automated production line efficiently transforms fresh bananas into crispy fried banana chips, handling the entire process from start to finish. This versatile system is also suitable for producing plantain chips, offering a seamless transition between different types of chip production. With a capacity ranging from 60kg/hr to 300kg/hr, our production line ensures high throughput while maintaining product quality and consistency.

Automatic Banana Chips Production Line(图1)

Banana Chips Manufacturing Process

Banana slicing - Banana washing - Blanching - Cooling - Drying - frying - Cooling and deoiling - Picking - flavoringPackaging.

Main Features of Banana Chips Plant

1)Fully automatic, saving labor costs.

2)With the cheap price, is suitable for small businesses.

3) The line has been improved by many customers’feedback to make better banana chips.

Automatic Banana Chips Production Line(图2)

Main Machines of Automatic Banana ChipsProcessing line

This production line includes a banana slicing machine, blanching machine, dewatering machine, frying machine, deoilingmachine, flavoring machine, and packing machine. All machines are well-made and adopt 304 stainless steel. The client could getmore profit because of low cost, easy maintenance, and low energy consumption.

Automatic Banana Chips Production Line(图3)

1. Banana slicing machine

Banana chips can be cut into precise transversal slices or longitudinal slices on adjustable thickness.

2.Banana Chips Hoister

Used for hoisting cut banana chips to the next processing sequence and economizing on manpower

3. Banana Chips Washing machine

With bubble generation device could get rid of the impurity on the banana chips’surface efficiently.

4. Banana Chips Blanching machine

With blanching process, can prevent banana chips from oxidation stains and make banana chips look and taste better.

5. Banana Chips Cooling machine

There will be some heat in banana chips after blanching, with the rolling system of the cooling system, can cool banana chipsquickly.

6. Banana Chips Dryer

With the roling system and high-pressure winding system, water on the surface of banana chips can be evaporated.

7. Banana Chips Frying Line

With an automatic filtering oil machine, prompt eliminate residue in the oil.

Oil temperature can be controlled automatically.

8. Banana Chips Cooling and de-oiling line

Oil on the surface of banana chips can be blown off by the winding system of this machine to make banana chips won’t tasteoily.

9. Banana Chips Picking line

With a conveyor, to pick off the defective and inadequate fried banana chips.

10. Automatic weighting and packaging machine

Automatic weighing, filling, sealing, and bag forming function.

Raw material: BOPP/CPP, PET/AL/PE, and other composite materials.

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