Where to order chicken processing equipment

As the owner of a growing poultry processing facility, ensuring we have the most efficient and technologically advanced equipment is my top priority. After years sourcing machinery, I've learned that finding high-quality chicken processing equipment requires careful vetting of manufacturers and dealers. Here is my guide on where to find the best equipment to take your chicken processing operation to the next level.

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Specialized Manufacturers

Rather than using a general food equipment company, I suggest finding manufacturers who specialize in poultry processing. They design equipment based on in-depth knowledge of the unique needs of chicken harvesting and processing. Specialized companies like Marel Poultry, Linco Food Systems, and Meyn Food Processing Technology lead the way in innovative chicken processing equipment. A specialized manufacturer can provide exceptional equipment for killing, defeathering, eviscerating, cutting, deboning, and more.

Local Dealers with National Connections

Once you’ve identified a few preferred equipment manufacturers, I recommend finding a local dealer who carries those brands. While you can order direct, a dealer with qualified technicians and extensive parts inventories can be invaluable for installation, training, and after-sales service. At the same time, make sure the dealer has connections with leading national manufacturers, rather than just regional brands. This opens up more high-end equipment options.

Trade Shows

Attending industry trade shows allows me to see the latest equipment options and innovations first-hand. The International Poultry Expo (IPE) is a must-attend for interacting with multiple manufacturers and dealers under one roof. Sitting down with their knowledgeable reps and engineers helps me assess options to fine-tune our processing line. I always return with stacks of brochures and business cards for future reference.

Industry Organizations

Joining poultry and meat industry organizations provides access to equipment buying resources. For example, the National Chicken Council’s annual Buyer’s Guide is an invaluable directory for locating processing equipment manufacturers and dealers throughout the U.S. Their members share insights on emerging technologies and best practices. Staying tapped into such groups helps ensure I'm aware of the most up-to-date equipment options.

Online Research

While there’s no replacing face-to-face interactions, I also rely heavily on online research when comparing processing equipment. Most equipment company websites have detailed specifications, videos, and photos of their machines in action—invaluable when determining whether a piece of equipment suits your needs. I also utilize poultry processing forums to read peer reviews and recommendations before making major equipment purchases.

Upgrading your chicken processing line is one of the most impactful investments you can make. Take time to carefully evaluate your options and find the safest, most efficient and highest quality equipment. Your business will reap significant rewards for years to come. Let me know if you need any advice—I’m always glad to share insights from my own equipment buying journeys. 

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