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Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line-No.1

Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line


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Introduction of Small Scale Banana Chips PlantThis smal-scale banana chips produ

Introduction of Small Scale Banana Chips Plant

This smal-scale banana chips production line is used to make bananas into banana chips. Banana chips are a very popular snackIt is made from sliced, blanched, ffied, air-dried and seasoned. Banana chips contain a lot of minerals and protein, which is goodfor energy supplements and weight loss.

Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line(图1)

Application of Semiautomatic Plantain Chips Plant

This small-scale plantain chips production machine is suitable for making ready-to-sell packed fried chips from plantains andbananas. lt is also suitable for other fruits and root vegetables, such as potato, sweet potato, yam, cassava, etc.

Small Scale Banana Chips Production Line(图2)

Advantages of Small-Scale Banana Chips Production Line

1. Small-scale banana chips production lines are made of single machines, and each stand-alone unit can be used independently2. This semi-automatic banana chips production line is easy to install, just need to put the machines in the special sequence andconnect the electricity; then can operate it.

3. By replacing one or two stand-alone machines, potato chips can be produced, and one production line can produce a varietyof fried snacks.

4. We can also provide you with 30kg/h,60kg/h, and 150kg/h banana chips line.

Working Process of Banana Chips Production Line

Plantains/bananas → Peeling(manually or mechanically)→ Slicing → Blanching → De-watering → Frying → De-oiling→ Seasoning→Nitrogen Filling Packaging

9 main working processes and 7 banana processing machine

1. Material selecting

About the selection, you can choose diferent varieties of bananas, but the banana’s degree of ripeness is limited. The under-ripeor green banana could be used for making banana chips.

2. Pre-treating or banana peeling

The unripe banana is hard to be peeled. The pre-treating procedure is putting the banana into hot water for cooking for 2-3minutes, the next step is placing the banana into cold water and the pre-treated banana will become much easier to peel by hand.Or you can peel bananas with a banana peeling machine.

3. Banana chips slicing

The peeled banana will be sliced by a slicing machine with the diagonal cutting knife into banana chips, and the machine'。cutting angle is customized. After slicing, the processed banana chips have a smooth surface without mechanical damage. Bananachips slicing machine is regarded as the most advanced circle-cutting equipment at present time.

4.Banana chips blanching

The sliced banana chips then will be blanched to protect the banana’s color and taste. The blanching time is around 20-30minutes. Blanching can inactivate the enzyme and the banana will have superior color and flavor.

5.Banana chips dehydrating

Next, the chips need to be dehydrated by the TS800 dehydrating machine. it has been tested that chips after dewatering areeasier to fry. T$800dehydrating machine adopts a physical method of centrifugal dewatering to remove water on the bananasurface.

6.Banana chips frying

Then, the dehvdrated chips will be fried by food frving equipment, This machine has various heatina methods such as coal.electricity, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc. Coal heat can be used without limits, the electrical heat is cleaner than coalheat, natural gas is space-saving While liquefied petroleum gas can produce a high power content. People can choose theirfavorite heating ways among the four types.

7. Banana chips deoiling

The fried chips will be through deolling to remove the excess oil on the banana. The deoling machine has the same centrifugaprinciple as the dewatering machine, the oil is removed by high rotating in the barrel. food deoiling can reduce transportationcosts and prolona shelf life, the deollina machine is widely appled in removing ol from banana chips, potato chips. fried peanuts,fried beans, fried meatballs, etc, often matched with food frying equipment.

8. Banana chips flavoring

Customers can choose to add more flavor to banana chips, the BL1000 disc banana chips flavoring machine has an attractive lookand effective output, which is suitable for seasoning chips, fries, instant noodles, broad beans, various puffed foods G spicy foodin small, medium food processing factory.

9.Banana chips packaging

Packaging can improve food’s storing time, under sealed or vacuum conditions, food’s flavor and quality won’t be destroyedDZ-600/2s packaging machine has both a vacuum sealing way and a nitrogen filling way. Besides banana chips, the DZ-600/2svacuum-nitrogen packaging machine has packed various puffed food, fried food, seafood, drugs, chemical material, etc.

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